The 2022 Hybrid Molten Salt Reactor Workshop was held October 11–12, 2022, at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.  There was a tremendous response to the workshop this year and approximately 500 people registered for the event.

Topics presented included:

  • Overviews of US Department of Energy (DOE) and US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) MSR released activities
  • Overviews of the US DOE Office of Nuclear Energy (NE) MSR technology development and advanced modeling and simulation activities
  • DOE-NE and NRC sponsored MSR activities overviews
  • Safeguards and proliferation resistance
  • Salt chemistry
  • Salt irradiation
  • Modeling and simulation
  • Reactor operations and monitoring
  • Safety and licensing
  • Overviews of the current status from several MSR reactor developers’ deployment


Agenda (PDF)  Participant List (PDF)  Save the Date (PDF)

Oct 11, 2022 Presentations


Presentation TitlePresenterVideo

Plenary Overview

DOE-NE Molten Salt Reactor ActivitiesPatricia Paviet, Pacific Northwest National LaboratoryView

Nonproliferation and Regulatory Compliance Session

Domestic MC&A and LicensingMichael Dion, Oak Ridge National LaboratoryView
Moltex Energy: Safeguards by Design ConsiderationsOlivier Gregoire, Moltex EnergyView
Terrestrial/IAEA Model Safeguards Approach EngagementRobin Rickman, Terrestrial EnergyView
Export Controls and Molten Salt ReactorsKrystee Ervin, Oak Ridge National LaboratoryView

International Collaboration

GIF - MSR provisional System Steering Committee (pSSC) Overview and ActivitiesDavid Holcomb, Oak Ridge National LaboratoryView

MSR Activities in Japan

Motoyasu Kinoshita, International Thorium Molten-Salt ForumView
Salt Irradiation at the Nuclear Research and Consultancy GroupRalph Hania, Nuclear Research and Consultancy Group View

Corrosion Chemistry

ORNL Salt Corrosion Activities -Past to PresentJim Keiser, Oak Ridge National LaboratoryView
Method for Redox Control with Continuous Electrochemical Measurement in MSRsMichael Simpson, University of UtahView
Development of a Thermodynamic Database for Corrosion in Chloride MSRsJacob Yingling, Idaho National LaboratoryView

MSR Systems Modeling

SCALE/MELCOR Non-LWR Source Term Demonstration Project – Molten SaltReactor (MSR)David Luxat, Sandia National Laboratoires (SNL)/Will Wieselquist,ORNLView
SAM Code for Systems AnalysisRui Hu, Argonne National LaboratoryView
Mass Accountancy with the MOLE/GRIFFIN Code for the Molten Salt Reactor ExperimentKyoung Lee, Oak Ridge National Laboratory View
ACU MSRR Systems ModelingKevin Clarno, University of Texas-Austin View

Safety and Licensing

Experiments to Advance and Validate Accident Progression Models for MSRsSara Thomas, Argonne National LaboratoryView
Uncertainty in Molten Salt PropertiesMelissa Rose Argonne National LaboratoryView


Oct 12, 2022 Presentations


Presentation TitlePresenterVideo

Physical Properties of Molten Salts

Thermal Properties Measurements of Molten Salt at Argonne National LaboratoryMelissa Rose, Argonne National LaboratoryView
The LANL Molten Salt Research Capability: 2022 Status UpdateMarissa Monreal, Los Alamos National LaboratoryView
Molten Salt Thermophysical Property Measurement and Modeling Efforts at ORNLAnthony Birri, Oak Ridge National LaboratoryView

Empowering Pumps

Molten Salt Pump Progress at ORNLKevin Robb, Oak Ridge National LaboratoryView
Novel Reciprocating Pump for High Temperature Molten SaltsWilliam Sames, Cinco Research Corp.View
High Temperature Molten Salt R&D Test Loops for MSR ApplicationsDaniel Barth, High Temperature System Designs, LLCView

Working Lunch

Molten Salt Thermal Property Database –Thermophysical Property Overview and Tool DemonstrationNicholas Termini, Oak Ridge National LaboratoryView

Developer Forum 1

ThorCon: Status 2022Dane Wilson, ThorConView
Development Update from Copenhagen AtomicsAslak Stubsgaard, Copenhagen AtomicsView
NEXT: Status and Outlook (What has Changed and What Hasn’t Changed)Rusty Towell, Natura Resources, LLCView

Developer Forum 2

Terrestrial Energy: Carbon-Free Energy for Global IndustryRobin Rickman, Terrestrial Energy USAView
Kairos Power Progress UpdateJake McMurray, Kairos PowerView
Moltex Energy: Substantiation of Innovative Design FeaturesAndrew Ballard, Moltex EnergyView