Dr. Dave Andersson Dr. Dave Andersson

Dr. Andersson joined Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) in 2007 as a Glenn T. Seaborg postdoctoral fellow and was converted to the position of Technical Staff Member in 2009. His PhD is in Materials Science and Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden. He is currently the deputy lead for the fuels technical area in the Nuclear Energy Advanced Modeling and Simulation (NEAMS) program, which is a Department of Energy (DOE) program developing simulation tools for nuclear reactors. Under the same program, he is also a technical contributor to research on molten salt reactors and, in particular, properties of fuel salts. He has previously held similar positions in the CASL (Consortium for Advanced Simulation of Light Water Reactors) program. Dr. Andersson’s primary technical expertise is in electronic structure (DFT) and empirical potential calculations/simulations of thermodynamic and kinetic properties of defects in nuclear fuels and their application in multi-scale fuel performance models. He has published 80+ peer-reviewed papers and numerous reports on these and related topics.

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