Sessions included:

  • progress of the inaugural MSR Campaign within the Department of Energy’s Advanced Reactor Technologies Program,
  • updates from MSR developers,
  • discussions on enabling and enhancing MSR technologies, and
  • connections to industry partners.

2018’s workshop coincided with ORNL’s 75th Anniversary “Nuclear Week” celebration, which included networking opportunities for all.


Poster (PDF) Agenda (PDF)


Nuclear Suppliers Workshop

Nuclear Opportunities Week

Several events will occur during the first week of October 2018 around the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of ORNL in a week denoted “Nuclear Opportunities Week.” We are pleased to announce the ETEC Nuclear Suppliers Workshop (NSW) on Tuesday, October 2 on the ORNL campus. On Wednesday, October 3 and Thursday, October 4, ORNL will host the 4th Annual MSR Workshop, with this year’s theme of “Creating a Self-Supporting Economy of Ideas and Applications for MSRs.”

The attendance fee for the Nuclear Suppliers Workshop is $150 per person, which includes meals and a hosted reception at ORNL the evening of October 2. The attendance fee for the ORNL MSR Workshop is also $150 per person, which includes a joint reception with the NSW attendees on October 2 and a hosted reception on Wednesday evening, October 3. A single fee of $200 allows attendance at both workshops.

To learn more about all of the events happening during Nuclear Opportunities Week (NOW), visit To register for the NSW, visit If interested in attending both the NSW and the MSR workshops for a reduced fee, visit